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1982 Demo
Demo, Independent, 1982

Die By His Hand
Demo, Independent, 1983

1983 Rehearsal
Demo, independent, 1983

A Lesson In Violence
Demo, independent, 1984

Turk Street
Demo, independent, 1984

Bonded By Blood
LP, Torrid Records, 1985

Pleasures of the Flesh
LP, Combat Records, 1987

Fabulous Disaster
LP, Combat, 1998

Impact Is Imminent
LP, Capitol, 1990

Good Friendly Violent Fun
Live Album, Combat, 1991

Lessons In Violence
Compilation, Relativity, 1992

Force of Habit
LP, Capitol, 1992

Another Lesson in Violence
Live Album, Century Media, 1997

Tempo of the Damned
LP, Nuclear Blast, 1992

Live at the DNA - 2004
Live Album, Nuclear Blast, 2005

Shovel Headed Kill Machine
LP, Nuclear Blast, 2005

The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A
LP, Nuclear Blast, 2007

Let There Be Blood
Compilation, Zaentz, 2008
(re-recording of Bonded By Blood)

Exhibit B: The Human Condition
LP, Nuclear Blast, 2010

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