Music and lyrics by Dave Grohl except track 3: lyrics and bass line by Kilmister
 1. "Centuries of Sin" (feat. Cronos of Venom)
2. "Red War" (feat. Max Cavalera of Soulfly, Sepultura)
3. "Shake Your Blood" (feat. Lemmy of Motörhead)
4. "Access Babylon" (feat. Mike Dean of Corrosion of Conformity)
5. "Silent Spring" (feat. Kurt Brecht of Dirty Rotten Imbeciles)
6. "Ice Cold Man" (feat. Lee Dorrian of Cathedral, Napalm Death and Kim Thayil of Soundgarden)
7. "The Emerald Law" (feat. Wino of Saint Vitus and The Obsessed)
8. "Big Sky" (feat. Tom G. Warrior of Celtic Frost, Hellhammer and Triptykon)
9. "Dictatosaurus" (feat. Snake of Voivod)
10. "My Tortured Soul" (feat. Eric Wagner of Trouble)
11. "Sweet Dreams" (feat. King Diamond of Mercyful Fate and Kim Thayil of Soundgarden)
12. "I Am the Warlock" (feat. Jack Black of Tenacious D) (hidden track)





2000 - 2003

February 2004, Southern Lord Records

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) - guitars, drums, bass, backing vocals
Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) - additional guitar (tracks 6, 11)
Cronos (Venom) - lead vocals, bass (track 1)
Max Cavalera Sepultura, Soulfly) - lead vocals (track 2)
Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead, Hawkwind) - lead vocals, bass (track 3)
Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity) - lead vocals (track 4)
Kurt Brecht (D.R.I.) - lead vocals (track 5)
Lee Dorrian (Napalm Death, Cathedral) - lead vocals (track 6)
Scott "Wino" Weinrich (St. Vitus, The Obsessed) - lead vocals, guitar (track 7)
Tom G. Warrior (Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Triptykon) - lead vocals (track 8)
Denis "Snake" Bélanger (VoiVod) - lead vocals (track 9)
Eric Wagner (Trouble) - lead vocals (track 10)
King Diamond (Mercyful Fate) - lead vocals (track 11)
Jack Black (Tenacious D) - lead vocals, guitar (hidden track)
Bubba Dupree (Void) guitar (track 4)
Erol Unala (Celtic Frost) - guitar (track 8)
Matt Sweeney - additional guitar (track 9)