Celtic Frost
Parched with Thirst Am I and Dying





1985 - 1991

1992, Noise Records

Celtic Frost

Thomas Gabriel Warrior - vocals, guitar
Martin Eric Ain, Curt Victor Bryant - bass
Reed St. Mark, Stephen Priestly - drums
Oliver Amberg - guitar


Music and lyrics by Fischer, Ain, Amberg
 1. "Idols of Chagrin" (new track)
 2. ""A Descent to Babylon (Babylon Asleep)"
 3. "Return to the Eve" (1985 studio jam)
 4. "Juices Like Wine"
 5. "The Inevitable Factor"
 6. "The Heart Beneath"
 7. "Cherry Orchards"
 8. "Tristesses De La Lune"
 9. "Wings of Solitude"
10. "The Usurper"
11. "Journey into Fear"
12. "Downtown Hanoi"
13. "Circle of the Tyrants"
14. "In the Chapel in the Moonlight"
15. "I Won't Dance (The Elders Orient)"
16. "The Name of My Bride"
17. "Mexican Radio"
18. "Under Apollyon's Sun" (new track)