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Demo '87
Demo, Independent, 1987

Critical Madness
Demo, Independent, 1988

Severed Survival
LP, Peaceville Records, 1989

Retribution for the Dead
EP, Peaceville, 1990

Mental Funeral
LP, Peaceville, 1991

Fiend for Blood
EP, Peaceville, 1991

Acts of the Unspeakable
LP, Peaceville, 1992

LP, Peaceville, 1995

Ridden with Disease
Compilation, Peaceville, 2000

Torn from the Grave
Compilation, Peaceville, 2001

Dead as Fuck
Live Album, Peaceville, 2004

Dark Crusades
Live Album, Peaceville, 2010

The Tomb Within
EP, Peaceville, 2010

Macabre Eternal
LP, Peaceville, 2011

The Headless Ritual
LP, Peaceville, 2013

Tourniquets, Hacksaws & Graves
LP, Peaceville, 2014

Video Releases

Dark Crusades DVD

Born Undead DVD